An Income-Based Real Estate Loan for Your Business

Do you want a property loan that focuses less on your credit and more on the property itself? Brook Capital Consulting offers stated income commercial real estate loans that do that. These aren’t traditional loans and they can be approved quickly, so you can concentrate more on your business and less on mountains of paperwork.

See the Differences

Let’s take a closer look at how this loan is different. First, the value of the property is more important than your credit profile, although you need a score of 600 to qualify. However, the insurance, taxes and mortgage of the loan need to be covered by the full value of the real estate. Second, only minimal paperwork is required, including your proof of income. That means it takes less time to apply and be approved.

View the Possibilities

A major benefit of a stated income commercial real estate loan is its flexibility and versatility. You can use this on properties ranging from office buildings and retail stores to storage units and warehouses, and everything in between. More than that, you can use it for many different business projects, such as:

  • Buying real estate
  • Building properties
  • Renovating or remodeling
  • Increasing working capital
  • Consolidating debt
  • Refinancing

Take a Look at Our Terms

If everything about this loan sounds like it’s the right option for you, it’s time to look at one more aspect before you apply. These are the terms that may be included in your loan:

  • LTV maximum reaching between 65% and 75%
  • Up to $500,000 in your loan amount
  • Amortization
  • Terms for 25 years
  • Fixed rates
  • Fast closing

Start the Financing Process Today

If you want a different type of loan for your business property, you need a stated income commercial real estate loan from Brook Capital Consulting. To start the application process, get in touch with our team today and you could close on your loan in only two weeks.