Ensuring Your Healthcare Business Has the Right Financing

Most people rely on the healthcare and medical industry for one need or another, which means your practice needs to keep up with consumer demand and changes in the industry. Healthcare financing from Brook Capital Consulting can make that happen, whether you are a medical doctor, chiropractor, dentist or veterinarian.

Taking Advantage of Our Loan’s Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of our financing is how you can use it. Is your business looking to perform a merger or acquisition? What about remodeling your office or leasing new equipment? You can do all that and even consolidate your debt. Other benefits can be found in our terms, which include:

  • Coverage for as much as 50% of your soft costs
  • Terms lasting as long as 72 months
  • A maximum amount of $250,000
  • Low payments every month

Call Us To Be One Step Closer To Approval

If your healthcare business needs working capital to grow and remain a top competitor in your market, then you have come to the right place. Contact our team at Brook Capital Consulting today to find out more about our financing and how it can help your business. We can send you an application, too, so you can apply immediately and be approved in as little as one day at the earliest.