Looking for a Different Way to Finance Your Equipment?

Businesses usually need certain equipment or machines to offer services and products to consumers, whether it is a form of computer software or a large construction bulldozer. Whatever your needs are and whatever industry you serve, Brook Capital Consulting has equipment financing that can help you acquire the tools you need.

Reasons To Lease Versus Buy

Leasing is a great option for those who cannot or do not want to spend a large portion of their business budget on tools and machines. In turn, this helps to save some of your budget and free up your capital for other business ventures. Besides installing new equipment, other benefits include the following:

  • Low payments
  • Fixed payment amounts
  • Monthly payment structure
  • Tax advantages
  • Increased cash flow

Programs for Your Lease Agreement

Now that you know what benefits come with equipment leasing, it is time to choose your loan program. We offer these three:

  • Lease-to-own program: Many companies start out leasing equipment but want to own it in the end. This program enables you to do that. We lease the tools to you and then transfer full ownership to your business once you have repaid the full amount.
  • Government program: This program enables us to guarantee lease agreements for various government and municipal entities. This includes public schools, public libraries, armed services, state agencies, fire departments and police departments.
  • Startup program: New businesses and startups often do not have adequate funding for equipment and other business needs. We help them obtain the tools they need to steadily grow without piling up major debt.

Call Us To Discuss This Financing

If you are interested in leasing the equipment and tools your business needs, contact Brook Capital Consulting today to speak with our financing experts about this option. We can provide you with all the details about our equipment financing and help you begin the application for your leasing program.