Ease Financial Burdens With Accounts Receivable Financing

If financial difficulties are holding your company back, you may be able to turn your unpaid customer invoices into cash. Accounts receivable financing allows businesses with credit problems, and even companies in bankruptcy, to get much-needed funding. You can stabilize and improve your company’s financial situation without taking on more debt or risking equity.

How it Works

When financing receivables, Brook Capital Consulting acts as a factoring company. We purchase unpaid customer invoices at a discount, giving your business quick access to cash. Application decisions are based on your customers’ credit, and not your own, allowing us to work with a more diverse range of credit profiles.

Terms and Benefits

If your application is approved, you enjoy the following conditions:

  • Funding that increases as your sales increase
  • Cash in as little as 24 hours
  • No recourse or personal guarantees required
  • Freedom from debt collection responsibilities
  • No fixed monthly payments
  • Free credit insurance on your customers and clients
  • Funding available for all types of businesses

Once you have your money, you are free to use it for any business-related expense. Cover large orders, payroll, inventory, or expansion costs without dealing with loan boards.

Contact Us

Call Brook Capital Consulting for more details about our accounts receivable financing program. We will answer your questions and send you a free, no-obligation application.