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The Ethereum Delirium

Are Smart Contracts a Big Deal for Small Business? By JOE SANTUCCI, Brook Capital Consulting ©2020 For most of us, thinking about smart contracts doesn’t make us feel very smart.  Running a business already requires multiple and various forms of contracts,...

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The Imperfection of the PPP

The SBA's Program Drives Unequal Access and is Insufficient for the Reopening Processes Still to Come By Joe Santucci, Brook Capital Consulting ©2020 Businesses that received funding from the SBA’s first round of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) won the race...

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Pandemics and Payrolls

How to use the SBA's new Payroll Protection Program to support your employees during the COVID19 shutdown. By JOE SANTUCCI, Brook Capital Consulting ©2020 1 April 2020 “I just want to see if I can float them something until this thing is...

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Financing Uncertainty

By Joe Santucci, Brook Capital Consulting, ©2020 How to think about business operations when no one knows how long the COVID-19 funk will last. Congratulations to businesses involved in surgical mask production or teleworking technology.  You’re in the right sector to thrive while the...

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